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Karate Students and Parents

The Secret to Becoming a Black Belt is to Practice!

The goal of this website is to become:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for safe, non-violent karate training that is great exercise for kids of all ages, sizes and abilities. Each of our videos simply focuses on one technique. They are short, focused and FUN.

We also believe it is very important to attend LIVE dojo classes on a regular basis. If you are having fun practicing with us then you should definitely find a martial arts school near you. (Coming soon...a blog on how to choose a great school.)

If you are ever in Maine, we would love to meet you and train with you!

Professional Martial Arts Instructors and Teachers

Behavior management is king at Bushido Karate Dojo. We have a definite plan when it comes to creating a community of dedicated and respectful students and we would love to share our strategies with you.

Our kinesthetic teaching methods are student centered. Like our friends at radKIDS, Inc, we believe that the most effective way to teach is through the eyes of the child. We explain techniques with imagery and stories. We demonstrate our clear expectations. We jump in and practice alongside our students.

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