Overcoming Obstacles

The ability to overcome obstacles is the key to recognizing your commitment.

Did you quit karate because you didn’t like being barefoot? It is probably good that you did because you really wouldn’t have liked it when people started hitting you.

Did you come back to karate after breaking a bone? Excellent. You are committed. You might just make it.

Brown belts get injured all the time; first degree black belts do too. They question their worthiness for their rank. It is a part of the process. They manifest their fear of getting injured, by getting injured, but if their commitment is strong enough they will make it through this stage.

Did sparring trigger a PTSD response and send you home crying? OK. You should come back. Those tears are a sign that you are working through your stuff. My best friend cried for a year. She broke down after every class, and during many the tears flowed. She invented the ‘hug’ defense when a black belt was overwhelming her sparring and she just didn’t know what to do.

She taught me how NOT to be an abusive martial arts instructor. We talked all the time about how to keep her safe. We made sure that she was challenged. But we also didn’t do certain things, like corner her or take her to the ground, until she was stable enough to fight her way out. She is an amazing black belt and teacher now, and her empathy for our female karate students is better than real, it is authentic.

My job is to manage obstacles. I take some away when it is too early in someone’s training and I add them back in when new challenges are needed. They are a gift. They are the key to your evolution.

Ironically, when you find the THING that is right for you, situations that appear to be obstacles to others will be nothing to you.

There is a reason only one half of one percent of all people who start karate make it to black belt. Those who overcome obstacles for the love and passion of the arts will make it. If you are unresolved, you will not.

What are the obstacles that you are facing?

What are the lessons they are trying to teach you?

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