Never Miss an Event

The difference between 8 classes in four weeks and 8 hours of martial arts in one day is exponential!


Learn. Apply.    Learn. Apply.    AHAA Moment.    Repeat.

This year was the 37th year of the Tao Kamp Karate. I have been to almost half of them, consecutively since 1999.

I sometimes wonder how I got onto the teaching side of the line. Simple answer…I got old.

We commit to the event: early morning workouts while the sun is rising, a walk in the woods and meditation by the quarry, training with 5th and 6th degree black belts of various styles, seeing old friends, and watching my kids become the leaders.

Minus my kid losing his grip in the rain and tossing his bo across the field, landing 30 feet away on the tent where I was teaching…hmm. We still haven’t decided how many pushups that is worth; he did 25.

It was a small camp this year, relocated from August to July and a bit more expensive than usual. Funny how value and worth are two different things. The collective knowledge and experience of the instructors is vast, the experience unlike anything else you could do to improve, but change and finances proved to be too much of a challenge for people to overcome.




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