For What Are You Called To Do?

I attended the ordination of a wonderful young pastor yesterday.

Clergy always talk about being “Called” by God to their position, an undeniable voice telling them what to do.

We all have access to that voice. The inner dialogue that says YES to this, and NO to that. Sometimes we are pulled by a voice, sometimes we are pushed by life circumstances.

We Are All Called
The question isn’t IF you have been called.
But rather; Have you been listening to what the caller has to say?
and, Have you taken the caller’s advice?

My joy of sparring extends out to the fibers of my life. I tend to find my path by battling through the lessons that surround me. Translation: I like to argue with the voice.

Are you blessed in what you do? Either you are, or you are not.
Sometimes we forget to ask for the blessing. The miracle of transformation, of making water into wine is a simple formula.
Take something ordinary. Add God. The result is Extraordinary.

During church, I thought, ‘We should all get to have an ordination for our profession.’ Taken literally I suppose it would be a hefty task to consecrate each person into their chosen profession.

But wouldn’t it be great if we came around our friends and prayed on their success: that they would be appreciated in their work,  that they would remember to keep silent those things shared to them in confidence, that they would remember the blessings of humility and vulnerability.

The older I get the more I am beginning to believe that it is more important for me to continue to delve into this blessing and calling of karate. To go deeper. Train harder, although there is a new version of training these days since my body is liking less and less the hard core tradition of past practice.

This blog. The book. Workshops. Sharing with women. Church groups. Business owners. There are so many lessons I have received along the way.

If you are in charge of one of those groups, please invite me to speak. To run a workshop. To go deeper. Live bigger, brighter.

I know I was called because it was SO EASY.
So natural, so beloved from the start.

Hard Work is not the same as Something Being Hard.
Work that is Blessed is a Joy to do.

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