Making Better People

START WITH WHY, by Simon Sinek.Start With Why

After watching the TED Talk a couple of times I decided to dig deeper by buying the book. It has been a worthwhile read and the result has been a discovery of sorts for me and my karate school, Bushido Karate Dojo.

The short of it is this:

Martial Arts Made Me a Better Person.

My mission is not to make people better at punching and kicking.

My mission is to use the structure and expectations of Karate to:
Make Better People.

Therefore according to the Why / How / What (Results) format…


HOW: We teach Karate to help people to discover their inner strengths, and weaknesses.

WHAT (are the Results?):
The obvious is to say: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Jr. Black and Black Belts.
The Hope is: Fears confronted on the dojo floor will create a paradigm shift for participants, allowing them to overcome past obstacles and to face the future with a resolve to overcome.
The Truth is: Confidence, knowledge and skill transferred to the student through success in the dojo creates athletes, scholars, and leaders.

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