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Late last night I ordered, “The Dip” by Seth Godin. He is straightforward and his stuff makes sense in a ‘this is not how the rest of the world sees things kind of way’.

I am always looking for that next voice to inspire me, but I woke up realizing this morning that very few of those voices belong to women. I readily admit that I follow the carrot of recommendations of popular culture, star reviews and big names: Tony Robbins, Andy Andrews, and Darren Hardy. I like what they have to say about business and personal development, but I always end up feeling like a failure when I look at my bank account.

However, when I look at my life I am a huge success. My marriage is strong. My kids are kind, compassionate and hard working; people go out of their way to tell me how great they are. My dream home has nothing to do with possessions and everything to do with location, and I already live there. We walk to church, the beach, the post office, the library, the convenience store and the ice cream shop in summer.

We have an incredible karate school that impacts the lives of children and adults. We are change makers. But, we believe in people, the individual, and the value of their character above the value of their dollar.

I want to be a great business person, I really do, but my core values keep getting in the way. I ‘should’ have gone to a convention in California for my business. I stayed to see my daughter’s eighth grade graduation. My proud momma priorities were confirmed when she got the highest award of the night.

I don’t mind if my business stays in this ‘Dip’ as long as I am doing my real job. It doesn’t pay me a dime, but its rewards are limitless.


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  1. I feel selfish applauding your priorities because my boy is benefiting from your dedication and sacrifice every day

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