Behavior Management IV

Can you believe he is back?
I was wrong; so wrong about my assumptions. He missed 2 weeks because of summer scheduling.

He is doing SO WELL in class.
He is listening to directions. He recalls expectations and responsibly does what he is supposed to do when he is supposed to do it.

Do I Trust Him To Succeed on His Own Yet? No.
He was in class yesterday with another potential energy sucker. As soon as I saw the makeup of the class I called for help. I had one of the kids get my husband so we could prevent any issues from arising.

We specifically did not do kata. ODD kids hate that level of organization and expectation.

We specifically did not do partner work. I did not want to risk contact shutting him down.

We stayed with driving exercises, where we moved across the floor practicing basic techniques. When energy started to wane for this activity we simply added in very free feeling movement: running, skipping, and grapevine across the floor.

He actually smiled at me yesterday.
That may sound amazing, but if you have ever dealt with an oppositionally defiant kid, you would know that it is negativity that drives their relationships. I was inwardly thrilled when he shared that openness and trust with me.

Looking Forward to Behavior Management V.


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